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School education, right from the primary education is considered as one of the important developments for any child in India, unlike the developed nations, the homeschooling concept is uncommon in the country, but is burgeoning in some parts though!

Traces of schools and school education could be found in the country, right from the ancient times, when it was called as the ‘Gurukuls,’ which were acting as a kind of residential schools where the students would be staying and learning skills and practices from the scholars, namely the ‘Gurus.’ Thus the country is very rich on education and abundant schools, and till date it is being sustained, in fact enhanced in various ways!

Kindergarten Schools

At the present scenario, the kindergarten schools bear a significant position in a child’s life, apart from education perspective, it has been considered as a kind of exposure to the world. In India, the nursery levels, lower, and upper kindergarten would come under the kindergarten education, some schools may include the play schools too under this category. In this category, the schools affiliated to the CBSE boards are considered at higher grades for kindergarten education, well other private and government schools too equally participating in the competitions.

CBSE Schools

The schools that are affiliated to the CBSE board, pertaining to the affiliation principles of the board under the governance of the central government. In the northern part of the country, the CBSE schools have a dominant role compared to the other ones, well it is a kind of mixed category in the southern and other parts of the country. The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) concept developed by the CBSE board, eradicating the public examinations for the 9th and 10th standards, has created a school evolution on the school education. The board has got an unique set of syllabus, and examinations schedule, currently it is also conducting an entrance examination which is equivalent to the degree of talent examination with an objective of enhancing the learning skills of the students. It has also gone wide, by expanding its branches in the international countries too, consisting around 25 countries. Thus, the CBSE board had been a rocking educational model, not only in the country, but outside too.

SSLC Schools

There are plenty of Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) schools in the country, the public examinations conducted by these schools are considered as one of the significant features. Such examinations are considered as an important career development in one’s life, and it is being conducted for two times, one at the end of 10th standard, and the other at the end of the 12th standard. Both do contribute equally to one’s career development, as the 10th standard public results would be deciding the choice of subjects and streams in the 11th standard, while the 12th standard public results would be the deciding factor on one’s higher education, the type of universities/colleges that one ought to get, the main stream/course of the higher education, etc… would be decided by it. Well, you could see enormous number of students appearing on the television immediately after the 12th standard results, of course those who have scored the high marks, and state rank holders… taking part in the interview and discussing about their goals as engineers, doctors, chartered accountants, etc… Thus, it would be right to portray the fact that these practices have stereotyped the outcomes of school education, and indeed induced the students’ minds regarding their higher education!

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